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Wooster Little Genius Brush
Stain - Block SealerStain - Block SealerWooster Little Genius Brush

Old Town Paints

Stain - Block Sealer


Old Town Paints

Stain - Block Sealer

16 oz.

Wooster little Genius Brush

2" Angled

100% Recycled Short Handle

Tiered Bristles with split ends which provide a smooth, even finish.




Wooster Silver Tip Brush Wooster Wax Brush
Wooster Silver Tip BrushWooster Wax Brush
Wooster Silver Tip Brush Professional 2" Angled Tip Birch Hardwood Short handle for control in tight spaces. White & silver CT polyester filaments for excellent leveling and smoothing. Very soft formulation, feather stroke Rust- Resistant, brushed steel ferrule.Wooster Wax or Stencil Brush Stiff, densely packed gray China bristle, square construction Seamless nickel- plated steel furrule short, rounded hardwood handle, designed to be cradled in the palm of hand. Length 1 5/8" Thick 1 1/2"